We are a team of designers and developers focused on building custom AI & machine learning solutions for organisations.

Latest News

We are proud to announce that we have recently been appointed by Deutsche Telekom to build on the work they have started in the field of artificial intelligence and how this applies to a Virtual Digital Assistant.

We are working across 3 briefs and are looking forward to helping them lead the way in this exciting space.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Filament Chatbots website for clients looking to develop their own bots & virtual assistants.

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What we do

We help brands and organisations leverage Artificially Intelligent technologies. We are currently working on small to enterprise scale chatbot solutions as well as data discovery products for our clients.

You can approach us with a business challenge, and we will work with you to see if it can be solved using machine intelligence. We will never sell a full blown solution build up front, instead we recommend feasibility hacking and rapid prototyping.

Design & build 

We have a dedicated team of UX/UI designers, developers and digital project managers who have years of experience delivering large-scale projects for some of the world’s biggest organisations. We combine this with our AI & ML expertise to deliver projects with this technology at their core.


Whether you are unsure how you should be using AI and machine learning within your organisation or you need some help and advice on which technology to use, we can work with you on a consultative basis, covering implementation to adoption and ongoing system and software support.


We offer workshops and presentations for non-technical teams who wish to upskill on the technology and how it’s best used. If you are interested in us delivering a bespoke education service for your organisation, please get in touch to find out more.


We also develop fully fledged products with partners. We are currently developing our own platform as well as a B2B marketing tool to collate and classify marketing material for content strategy. Watch this space for more details. (Both have a planned Beta release date of Q2 2017)

“You’ve got to start with the user experience and work backwards to the technology”

– Steve Jobs – 

Humans have incredible capability for invention, problem solving and creativity. Machines now have the capacity to understand, to reason and to learn. Together, this partnership enables us to manage a world of complexity and extend the impact of machines on business and society.

Whether it’s streamlining customer service through the use of a bot that understands natural language queries or analysing a patient’s medical information against a vast array of data to provide evidence-based treatment options, the use cases of AI and machine learning have the potential to make a real difference.

Use Cases

Organizations adopting this technology are creating purpose-built applications to address specific use cases that are relevant to their internal and external users, with each application utilizing some combination of available functionality necessary for the use case.

Just some of the examples of such real-world use cases (other than AI Chatbots) include the following:

Call centre agents / Bots

Customers are now able to ask and receive useful answers – without even realising they’re speaking with a machine. Businesses are loading machines with their call centre knowledge base (a corpus of information) and training the system. AI applications constantly learn about common queries and understand questions posed in natural language.

Healthcare treatment

There are already numerous applications in the health sector, from computers that analyze a patients speech tone and use facial tracking to detect signs of depression, to IBM Watson for Oncology – which analyzes a patient’s medical information against a vast array of data and expertise to provide evidence-based treatment options.

Satellite imagery analysis

Platforms are emerging that use satellite imagery for a big-picture understanding of the world that is empowering global decision makers with a new source of market insights. In agriculture for example they are tracking forests and fields from the sky and anticipating crop shortages predicting deforestation and indicating poverty.

Legal support platforms

Platforms are emerging that enable lawyers to find, contextualize, and interpret information that turns legal data into legal insights. Consumer focused tools are also available that help poeple interpret legal jargon into understandable language.

Political analysis

In both the US and the UK, platforms have been developed that use machine learning to collect and analyse thousands of political conversations every day. This is done by combining up-to-the-minute data from news sources, social media and Government created data (such as Hansard in the UK), to discover insights about what’s being talked about in Government and how it’s surfacing outside the corridors of power.


Machine learning is eliminating the recruiter’s need to perform mundane tasks like sifting through resumes and comparing qualifications. Machines can recognise pure data points of candidates’ contact information, their profile, their work history and more – and be able to match those with opportunities.

We’re ready for a challenge.

Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss how AI / Machine Learning can be utilised in your organisation.

We’re hiring!

We are always looking for talented people to join our team. We are currently recruiting for a front end developer and would also love to hear from Computer Science graduates with a keen interest in AI / Machine Learning.

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